Container Bar Austin

Seven stacked shipping containers, great vibes, and a new way of space


Bridget Dunlap is the creator of Rainey Street’s first bar, Lustre Pearl, and Clive Bar, Bar 96, and Container Bar.

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 The 10 Openings that Won Winter in Austin

“Once referred to, by a very wise man, as the white whale of Rainey, Container Bar has been in  development for a looong time — three years to be exact. At last, bar maven Bridget Dunlap’s stacked  shipping container creation is finally very open for business. Its first bit of action was during SXSW  where rows of people could be seen sipping drinks from the balcony of the multicolored structure.”



 16 Fantastic Examples of Adaptive Reuse in Restaurant Design

“There’s nothing quite like enjoying a good, frothy cappuccino in a converted public toilet, right? All snug up against the circa-1890 urinals? No? How about a barn from the 1700s? Or a nail salon? Or a laundromat? OK, maybe not, but there are architects and businessfolk who sure know how to pull it off. From “rock ‘n’ roll” outfits smushed inside a half-converted military chapel to eco-tourism cafés carved from grounded ships, there is no dearth of surprisingly gorgeous restaurant conversions. Have a look